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Artsfest 2017 on Walnut Street

When: Sunday, May 7, 2017

Time: Arrive at 3:15 pm in grassy area behind stage. Perform at 3:45-4:45pm.

Where: Delong Plumbing Dance Stage, 900 E. Walnut St. (near Walnut St. & John Q Hammons Pkwy) Springfield, MO 65806

Dancer’s Attire: 1. Recital costume (Dancers who have more than one class costume will need to wear a black leotard under their costumes so they can make a quick change from one costume into another in between dance routines in the grassy area off stage.) 2. Tights--Combo classes need footed (covers feet) white or light pink tights; Intermediate Ballet & Lyrical classes need footed (covers feet) nude tights; Dancenastics and Hip Hop classes require no tights. 3. Dance shoes--Combo classes need just tap shoes (at Artsfest, there’s only enough time for the Combo kids’ tap routines, unlike the recital later on May 20 in which they’ll perform both tap and ballet); Dancenastics classes need bare feet; Intermediate Ballet and Lyrical classes need peach/pink/nude ballet slippers or half-shoes; Hip Hop classes need mostly black jazz shoes/sneakers.

Hair/Accessories: Combo classes need high ponytail with costume headpiece over LEFT ear; Dancenastics classes need low side ponytail below LEFT ear with costume headband on or headpiece over LEFT ear; Intermediate Ballet and Lyrical classes need a low bun under the LEFT ear with Ballet costume headband or Lyrical costume headpiece above LEFT ear. Hip Hop classes--“Hair Up” needs high side ponytail over LEFT ear with hair extension in it, gloves, and tube socks.; “Burn It Up” needs low side ponytail under LEFT ear; “Undefeated” needs one low messy bun under the LEFT ear and costume headband. Makeup is not necessary for Artsfest.

This outdoor festival is a great community event to showcase Dance Mission's dancers two weeks before our recital! We'll wear the same costumes as recital to this optional performance with no extra fees for performers. All performers and children age 5 and under receive free entry! Family members can enter the festival for $5 at the gate or purchase $3 entry tickets in advance at Springfield McDonald's, available April 20. Many other dance studios, artists, and vendors get together on this weekend each year to celebrate the amazing arts here in Springfield, MO! Please let me know if you have any questions or conflicts with performing at Artsfest! I look forward to showing the community the brilliant dancers we have at Dance Mission!

Delong Plumbing Dance Stage is located at 900 E. Walnut St. Springfield 65806


1.“Try Everything” Mon. 6:30 Dancenastics- Finley Bradley, Emma Gillespie, Leaona Khoshaba

2.“Shake a Tail Feather” Mon. 5:30 Dancenastics- Adelyn Dupy, Aspen Flagg, Zadie Gibb, Tatum Griffin, Cy Kuntz, Kali Lunceford, Moxie Wells

3.“Vivaldi’s Spring” Tues. 5:30 Ballet- Caydence Brake, Kiera Kuse, Ellia Mitchell, Haley Pearson

4.“All of Me” Wed. 6:30 Lyrical- Anne-Marie Barbara, Mya Breshears, Ella Counts, Addison Gray, Elliana Matthews, Jacklynne Raidel, Grace Rocha, Britney Ung

5.“Shake It Off” Wed. 12:00 Combo(Tap)- Libby Allmon, Harleigh Corlett, Sydney Dailey, Anastin Gilligan, Audrey Raney, Ella Smith, Kelley Stirts, Harper Thompson

6.“Ice Cream” Mon. 7:30 Lyrical- Regan Dailey, Iyla Garner, Rowan Garner, Rylann Lawson, Ellie Mathison, Mabel Smallwood

7.“Faith” Mon. 5:30 Combo(Tap)- Finley Bradley, Kealey Coomer, Grace Fairbairn, Emma Gillespie, Adelle Hayes, Kenzie Lunceford, Lyla Mackie, Lauren Montgomery, Addison Moore, Leah Ogden, Charli Petty

8.“Undefeated” Thur 5:30 Hip Hop- Caydence Brake, Quinn Gertz, Madeline Hausman, Tatum Holland, Hayleigh Megenhardt, Ellia Mitchell, Madeline O’Toole, Bryar Worley

9.“Get a Move On” Tues. 6:30 Combo(Tap)- Alyvia Barton, Adalyn Christman, Camrynn Cook, Caylee Cook, Reese Long, Anastyn Longley, Emmaline Weible

10.“Burn It Up” Wed. 5:30 Hip Hop- Anne-Marie Barbara, Ella Counts, Addison Gray, Logan Nigh, Jacklynne Raidel, Grace Rocha, Britney Ung

11.“Do You Love Me” Thur. 6:30 Combo(Tap)- Rowan Bouchard, Cana Buchanan, Selah Buchanan, Sakura Gomez, Leaona Khoshaba, Ali King, Abbex Megenhardt, Evelyn Puff, Nymeria Ray, Lily Walter

12.“Bamboleo” Wed. 4:30 Combo(Tap)- Della Burks, Adelyn Dupy, Olivia Hostler, Neveah Kidd, Ashlyn McCool, Briley McCool, Marys Mitchell, Adleigh Nelson, Harper Robertson, Brinkley Upchurch, Sophia Winget, Sydnee Wormington

13.“Hair Up” Mon. 6:30 Hip Hop- Morgan Cook, Regan Dailey, Iyla Garner, Rowan Garner, Madeline Hausman, Ellie Mathison, Leah Ogden, Lauren Rogge