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Artsfest on Walnut Street

Artsfest on Walnut Street 2019!

Date/Time: Saturday, May 4. Arrive at 4:30 pm in the grassy area behind the Delong Plumbing Dance Stage. Perform 5:00-6:00pm.

Where: Delong Plumbing Dance Stage, 900 E. Walnut St. (just east of Walnut St. & John Q Hammons Pkwy) 65806

Dancer’s Attire: 1. Recital costume (Dancers who have more than one routine/costume will need to wear one costume on top of the other, or wear a nude or black leotard under their costumes so they can make a quick change from one costume into another in between dance routines in the grassy area off stage.) 2. Tights—Nude/Tan tights for all classes, except for hip hop and boys it’s optional (convertible tights for Dancenastics, Acro, Aerial to be barefooted). 3. Dance shoes--Combo classes need just tap shoes (at Artsfest, there’s only time for the Combo kids to do a consolidated Show Opener, “Come Alive.”). Dancenastics, Dancenastics/Aerial, & Aerial Silks classes need bare feet. Ballet class needs peach/pink/tan ballet slippers. Tap/Jazz class needs tap shoes. Hip Hop classes need mostly black tennis shoes or black jazz shoes.

Hair/Accessories: Bun or ponytail in back middle of head. Hair accessories pinned to the dancer’s left of it. Or beanie, headband, bandana, or other headwear on securely with bobby pins. Makeup is not necessary for Artsfest.

Please let me know if you have any questions or conflicts with performing at Artsfest! I look forward to showing the community the brilliant dancers we have at Dance Mission! Thank you!       Erin Archambault (417) 894-1187;

Artsfest 2019 Show Order

(Many dance routines will not be showcased at Artsfest since we were only allotted 1 hour. However, every student will have an opportunity to perform in at least one dance at Artsfest! Rest assured, our May 18 Spring Recital will be longer and feature all 39 routines!)

1. “Come Alive” – show opener will include kids from all COMBO classes, which are Mon 5:30 and 6:30, Tue 12:00 and 5:30, Wed 4:30 and 5:30, and Thur 6:30 classes. (These students, Alyvia B., Sydney D., Makenzie D., Dessie E., Kali L., Nora M., Adleigh N., Haylee P., Audrey R., Allison R., Summer S., Gabi S., Lily S., and Claire W., who are in additional classes will not perform the show opener but will perform with their other classes instead (i.e. Dancenastics, Hip Hop, etc.).

2. “Puttin On the Ritz” – Thur 6:30 Tap/Jazz – Choreographer Rebecca Wallace

3. “Do Your Thing” – Mon 6:30 Dancenastics – Choreographer Kara Pagel

4. “Jump in the Line” – Mon 5:30/Thur 5:30 Dancenastics – Choreographer Kara Pagel

5. “Swing the Mood” – Thur 6:30 Dancenastics – Choreographer Kara Pagel

6. “Jump” – Thur 4:30 Dancenastics – Choreographer Rebecca Wallace

7. “Happy” – Tue 4:30 Dancenastics – Choreographer Rebecca Wallace

8. “Dancing in the Dark” – Thur 5:30 Hip Hop – Choreographer Rebecca Wallace

9. “Rewrite the Stars” – Thur 4:30 Ballet – Choreographer Erin Archambault

10. “Keep Your Head Up” – Tue 5:30 Hip Hop – Choreographer Rebecca Wallace

11. “Start a Riot” – Mon 6:30 Hip Hop – Choreographer Erin Archambault

12. “Elevate” – Thur 5:30 Hip Hop – Choreographer Erin Archambault

13. “Light it Up” – Wed 5:30 Hip Hop – Choreographer Erin Archambault

Parking lots at JQ Hammons Pwy and St. Louis Street are recommended.

Later Event: May 18
2019 Spring Recital!